International Feofilov School for Young Scientists

Feofilov School

On the eve of the celebration of Petr Feofilov’s 100th birthday, the Feofilov School for Young Scientists will pave the way for the celebration of the IYL 2015 by motivating students and young scientists. The School aims at creating a platform for sharing experience between young scientists and well-known distinguished scholars in the field of photonic materials.


Petr Petrovich Feofilov (1915-1980) made a great contribution to the development of physics of crystals doped with transition metal ions. He is one of the first in the world to have begun the systematic investigation of the optical properties of crystals comprising ions with uncompleted shell, e.g. rare earth (RE) ions and uranium. He was the first to state such essential problems as multiple activator sites problem, crystal-chemical conditions of activation, physical structure and energy of the RE-sites.

Lamelis – Lasers in Medicine and Life Sciences

Advanced summer school for undergraduate and postgraduate students of medicine and physics
14th–25th July 2014

The city of Szeged is proud to have been chosen as the site of one of the four pillars of a massive European laser project entitled ELI (Extreme Light Infrastructure). Szeged will host ELI-ALPS (Atto-second Light Pulse Source), a facility dedicated to ultra-short laser pulses. Apart from breaking new ground in the study of very fast atomic and molecular processes, it is also expected to bring about improvements in medicine and life sciences. To discuss and disseminate the implications of these developments, we hereby invite you to the summer school entitled Lasers in Medicine and Life Sciences 2014, taking place between 14 and 25 July, 2014.


6th International Summer University on Renewable Energies

The 6th International Summer University on Renewable Energies is an interdisciplinary 2-week summer university, which encompasses areas such as photovoltaics, solar architecture, solar thermal and wind energy as well as economic and political aspects.

It will take place from August 24th to September 5th in Falera/Switzerland.

Please check for further information and registration.

jIAPS Article Contest 2014

IAPS would like to announce the jIAPS article contest in which you are invited to write an article to be published in jIAPS, and be eligible to win the full registration fee for ICPS!

The rules are simple! You are required to write an article in English, about 2-5 pages about a Physics related subject. The deadline for this competition is June 31, 2014 and the winner will be announced by July 10, 2014. More details area available at: