IAPS Member Action Programme 2016/2017

The programme’s goal is to encourage the National and Local Committees of the International Association of Physics Students (IAPS) to interact with each other. For this purpose, the Executive Committee of IAPS will hand out grants to its Local and National Committees to accomplish projects together. To apply for a grant of the programme, please hand in an application following the rules disclosed in this document.

Applicants: At least two National and/or Local Committees should apply together. In the case of an application submitted by one or more committees from a single country, the project can be supported via this grant only if at least 40% of the participants are studying in a country different from the applicant one.

Projects: ICPS is not applicable. Physical meetings during the projects are strongly encouraged. Projects should include social and scientific events as well, but the main purpose is to help the various members of the committees to exchange ideas and share experiences.

Application: Applications should be sent to grants (at) iaps dot info. The applications should include the following:

  • the name, email address, Skype ID (if any), and phone number of one organiser from every committee involved

  • a detailed description of the project

  • an estimate of the number of the people involved in organising

  • an estimate of the number of participants from each committee

  • a preliminary budget

  • the amount of money requested for the grant

In case of grant approval, please communicate to your participants that IAPS is sponsoring the project. This would include putting the IAPS logo on publication material.

Report: After the project, a report should be made. This should include the final budget, the list of participants, a short project evaluation and around a 500 to 1000-word (interesting) article for jIAPS including a few pictures. The jIAPS article is subject to consultation with the editor-in-chief of jIAPS (jiaps (at) iaps dot info). The report should be mailed to ec (at) iaps dot info.

Deadlines: The applications should be handed in at least one month before the start of the project (e.g. one month before the trip). The report should be handed in at the latest one month after the project. The Executive Committee will decide about the grant in 28 days after receiving the application, so it is advisable to submit it in earlier than one month before the start of the project.

Scope: The maximum of one grant is €1000  and can only finance up to half of the total budget. Up to half of the sum can be given before the approval of the project report.

the Executive Committee of
the International Association of Physics Students