Science Outreach Grant

IAPS Science Outreach Grant Call 2017/2018

For IAPS members to support the initiation and development of science outreach projects by university students

Scope: In the coming year, IAPS should put more focus on scientific outreach projects where students can make an impact. The fortification of current projects, initiation of new ones and knowledge exchange is expected to impact the IAPS School Day project in such a way that the participating countries can prepare better and do not need to skip a year. The grant is also expected to increase member involvement in scientific outreach, thus increasing members’ hard and soft skills related to it.

IAPS shall award up to 350 € per category (3 in total) in total:
1. New project initiation (must start in IAPS financial year 2017/2018)
If a committee doesn’t have any science outreach projects or it wants to start a new one, separate from the one(s) it currently has. If it already has a project, the application should explain how this one differs.
2. Existing project development (added component must start in academic year
If a committee wants to expand the scope of the project to more locations (eg. an NC
expanding a national project to include more cities) or an existing project needs funding to replace equipment (modernisation), or there is an added component to an event.
3. Knowledge exchange forums and workshops (IAPS financial year 2017/2018)
If a committee wants to share their best practices and organise a forum and/or workshop for all IAPS members or two committees want to meet for the same purpose.

Applicants: The application must be submitted by an NC or an LC. Applicants cannot apply for both categories 1 and 2. For category 3, the project should be open to all IAPS members or two (or more) member committees should apply together.

An application must include:

  • Contact details of project leader(s)
  • Short description of science outreach experience by NC/LC members (esp. Project
    leader) or previous projects, if any
  • A provisional budget, including other sources of financing (if there are any)
  • The exact amount of money requested

Awarding and Report: The EC may decide to award less than the full amount applied for. In case the project is approved, IAPS will pay 50% before the event and the other 50% after the report has been submitted. The report on the 2017/2018 project cycle should be presented to the EC no later than the AGM 2018. The project report should be in a publishable form, including at least two photographs. Furthermore, the IAPS logo must be visible on all promotional materials made for the event, which will also be presented to the EC with the report (consult IAPS Guidelines for Promotion). Submitted materials will be free for use by IAPS in any promotion deemed appropriate by the EC. Monies will be paid only to the association’s’ bank account (If applicant cannot provide an association bank account for monies to be paid into, the grant application will be considered as rejected).

In case of failure to produce the report, the applicant association is obliged to return the monies to IAPS account.


  • The project can be subsidized by only one IAPS Grant at a time.
  • School Day grant 2017 winners may not apply for categories 1 and 2
  • In case one committee is applying for category 3, at least 30% of the participants should be international, and at least 60% of the participants should be from a university different than the host one.
  • For category 3, unless there is a suitable alternative, the language of the forum/ workshop must be English, (please be language inclusive for your international colleagues).

Application deadline: To give the committees the opportunity to build on their School Day momentum with members and project contacts, the application deadline for this grant December 3, 2017. Applications should be sent to grants(at)iaps(dot)info with edu(at)iaps(dot)info in cc. Applicants should be ready for a meeting with the EC after the submission, if necessary. Results will be delivered to the applicants no later than December 17, 2017. Successful applicants will be announced publicly, with their permission.

the Executive Committee of
the International Association of Physics Students

Also pay attention to the IAPS terms and condition, and reimbursement guideline. They, together with the IAPS Contact Network and Newsletter should be mentioned during the registration of any IAPS event.