Bids for the ICPS 2019

We are waiting for your bids to host the XXXIV. International Conference of Physics Students (ICPS 2019).

You and your local or national IAPS committee can gain many experiences from the organisation of an event as big as an ICPS. Several things such as meals, accommodation, the possibilities for students to get to the chosen location, lecture halls and more have to be considered, and challanges might arise. But don’t hesitate to make a bid for the ICPS just because of that. The EC and organisers from previous ICPSs are always willing to support you in any way possible. You can already find some moreinformation on what to think about when organising an ICPS here.
If you think that you aren’t enough people to pull off an ICPS, just remember for the organisation it’s not necessary that all organisers live in the city the ICPS is supposted to take place. You can and should look for support at other places too.
So go ahead, find fellow organisers and put your thoughts together for a bid! Please send your application to the EC e-mail address . The EC may reply with suggestions to bids sent well before the AGM.
All bids should take into account the charter (article 19) and regulations (article 9) of IAPS. See also here. Please note that these also include the rule, that the organisers must be members of IAPS.
Bidders will be asked to write an article about their bid for jIAPS.