What is the ICPS

The International Conference of Physics Students is organized every year by a member society of IAPS. Since the first conference in Hungary in 1986 the conference has increased continuously in size and number of activities offered for the participants. The conference is entirely organised by physics students for physics students.

At the ICPS you can meet physics students from all around the world, talk about science and life and present your research results to an international audience. The conference includes lectures by invited speakers, contributed talks by students, poster sessions, scientific and cultural excursions and many other events where you can get to know people who are enthusiastic about physics and learn more about science as well as other cultures.
Every member society of IAPS can bid for hosting the ICPS in the following year. The annual general meeting of IAPS will then decide on the organiser. If you want to make a bid for ICPS 2018 you can contact the executive committee of IAPS: ec (at) iaps dot info.
If you want to participate in the ICPS you have to become a member of IAPS.