List of {IAPS} Members

National Committees

 Austria (
Basisgruppe Nawi Physik

 Canada (
Canadian Association of Physicists 

 Croatia (
Student Section of the Croatian Physical Society / Studentska sekcija Hrvatskog fizikalnog društva

 France (
La fédération des étudiants en Sciences (AFNEUS)

 Finland (
Finnish Association of Physics and Mathematics Students/Suomen Fysiikan- ja matematiikanopiskelijat ry

 Germany (
Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft

represented by its student wing junge Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft

 Hungary (
Hungarian Association of Physics Students (Mafihe)/
Magyar Fizikushallgatók Egyesülete (Mafihe)

Italy (
Italian Association of Physics Students
Associazione Italiana Studenti di Fisica (AISF)

macedonian_flag Macedonia (
Macedonian Society of Physics Students / Македонско друштво на студенти физичари

 Mexico (
Sociedad Cientifica Juvenil

 The Netherlands (
Studenten Physica in Nederland (SPIN)

 Norway (
Norwegian Association of Physics Students (NoFFo)
Norske Fysikkstudenters Forening Trodheim
Norwegian University of Science and Technology/Norgesk teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet

 Portugal (
Physis – Portuguese Association of Physics Students/Physis – Associação Portuguesa de Estudantes de Física

  United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland (
USN (University Student Network, student branch of the Institute of Physics)

 United States (
Society of Physics Students (SPS)American Institute of Physics

Local Committees

Ankara, Turkey (
METU Physics Society

 Bratislava (
Physics Correspondence Seminar

 Bucharest, Romania (
Asociatia Studentilor Fizicieni din Universitatea Bucuresti (ASFUB)

Flag_of_Denmark Copenhagen, Denmark (
Association of Physics Students of the University of Copenhagen (UNICPH)

 Farhangian (
Farhangian Association of Physics Students

 Gdansk, Poland (
Physics Student Research Association

 Islamabad, Pakistan (
NUST Science Society

Istanbul, Turkey (
Istanbul Physics Students Society

 Krakow, Poland (

 Kyiv, Ukraine (
APSKNU (Association of Physics Students of Kyiv National University)

 Malta (

 Novi Sad, Serbia (
Klub studenata fizike

Flag_of_Denmark Odense, Denmark (
Aeter – Student Organisation for FKF

 Prague (
Fyzikální korespondenční seminář MFF UK (FYKOS)

PhilippinesFlag Philippines (
Alliance of Students for the Development of Physics

Provisional Members

NCs and LCs which have applied for IAPS membership and been provisionally accepted by the EC, but have not been voted in as full members by an AGM.

Provisional Local Committees

 Belgrade, Serbia (
Savez Studenata Fizičkog Fakulteta (Students Alliance Faculty of Physics)

india New Delhi, India (
Decoders of the Cosmic Code (सी.सी.डी.)

Nepal flag Kathmandu, Nepal (
St. Xavier’s Physics Council (सेन्ट जेवियसस भौतिकविज्ञान परिषद्, नेपाल)

sweden Stockholm, Sweden (
Physics Chapter, THS (Fysiklektionen, KTH)

Switzerland Zurich, Switzerland (
LC Zurich

Provisional National Committees

 Spain (
Spanish Association of Physics Students / Asociación Española de Estudiantes de Física

Individual Members

Students of physics or related subjects who do not have access to an NC or LC may join as IMs. Only IAPS members may attend IAPS events such as ICPS. Currently IAPS has around 100 Individual Members.

Honorary Members

The following people were elected Honorary Fellows by an IAPS AGM:

  • Sir Arnold Wolfendale
  • Sir Joseph Rotblat (Nobel Laureate), sadly passed away in 2005

The 2005 AGM voted to make the founders of IAPS and ICPS Honorary Members:

  • Patroklosz Budai
  • Tamás Fülöp
  • Ákos Horváth
  • Péter Lévai
  • Péter Ván

Elected Honorary Members by the AGM, for their huge, and continuing, contributions to IAPS:

  • Jim Grozier (2008)