Call for Finances Subbie

Our common goal is for IAPS to grow. With each passing year, we want our projects to get better and better, and reach more and more people. To achieve that, we need to increase our funding. That is precisely the aim of this subcommittee.

If you want to join a team of enthusiastic volunteers who will work on finding funding opportunities for IAPS, which includes searching for sponsors and responding to grant calls, send an email to treasurer(at)iaps(dot)info, shortly answering these questions:

1) How much time can you invest in working with the subcommittee (weekly average)?

2) Do you have any experience in fundraising (search for sponsorships and writing grant applications)?

3) In your opinion, which IAPS projects would be the most interesting for potential sponsors?

The purpose of these questions is just to get to know you a bit better. Experience is a plus, but what is really important is your willingness to learn! All IAPS members are welcome to join.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the treasurer directly at treasurer(at)iaps(dot)info.