Particle and Astroparticle Physics Spring Programme


Update 29/03/2015, 12:00 (CET): registration for the 2nd turn is now closed. Thanks to all those who applied for a place! We will unfortunately not be able to offer one to everyone, but we hope to satisfy most. The Organising Committee will shortly be in contact with all those who completed the registration form.

IAPS is proud to annouce the first edition of the iaps@GranSasso- Particle & Astroparticle Physics Spring Programme, to be held in Italy in May 2015! We are able to offer a number of additional places and open the second round of registration, which will close on Sunday 29th of March. This round will only be for “Observers”, i.e. students who do not wish to present a talk and/or a poster.

IAPS_GranSasso_Purple_pngThe Gran Sasso National Laboratory (LNGS) in Italy is currently the largest underground particle physics lab in the world and focuses on particle and astroparticle physics. It is situated inside the Gran Sasso mountain, below 1400 meters of rock that shield it from cosmic rays.

The Gran Sasso Science Institute (GSSI) is an international PhD School and a centre for advanced studies in physics, mathematics, computer science and social sciences, with a particular focus on astroparticle physics research.

The National agency for new technologies, Energy and sustainable economic development (ENEA) is one of the largest research organizations in Italy. In its Frascati facilities, it hosts laboratories working on superconductivity, inertial confinement fusion and magnetic confinement fusion.

During the Particle & Astroparticle Physics Spring Programme, IAPS will visit the research facilities near the Gran Sasso mountain as well as those of the ENEA Frascati center. We will also offer visits of the city centre of Rome.

You can now download the complete description of the iaps@GranSasso – Particle & Astroparticle Physics Spring Programme. Please notice that the participation is now fixed at €90.

We hope that this will become an annual event to bring together young physicists from around the globe to visit some of the best research institutes of its kind.

We have a fabulous line-up for this visit and outstanding subsidization, thanks to the generosity of the LNGS, the GSSI and the ENEA. You can rest assured that your visit of the Mediterranean peninsula will be unique and unforgettable!

For the first round of registration, students were invited to submit abstracts for talks and posters about research projects that they undertook or are currently undertaking. These could be at any level (undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD, post-doc) and in any field of physics (not necessarily particle or astroparticle physics). The selection for the 6 chosen students is currently running.

Registration opening (2nd round): March 22nd, 22:00 (CET).

Registration closing (2nd round): March 29th, 12:00 (CET).


We will meet in Rome in the afternoon of May 5th and spend the first evening in Rome. The day after, we will visit the ENEA Frascati research centre. In the evening, we will move to the Federico II Hotel in L’Aquila.

On May 7th and May 8th, we  will visit the LNGS and the GSSI, where we will explore the facilities and attend lectures given by researchers. In the second afternoon, the selected speakers and poster-presenters will show their work to the other participants and to researchers at the GSSI. LNGS and GSSI scientists will join us during this time and take part in any discussion that might follow from a presentation. This is a unique opportunity for students to present their work in front of an audience comprising peers and academics, with a chance to exchange ideas with everyone.

In the morning of May 9th, we aim to move back to Rome by bus and students will be offered visits of other parts of Rome if they wish,  before traveling back to their respective countries at any convenient time of the afternoon/evening.

The participation fee for this event is now fixed at €90; such price could only result from heavy subsidization.

General guidelines for abstract submission can be found in the iaps@GranSasso_LaTeX_template. Please notice that your abstract will not need to necessarily look like the one provided here: submissions can be written in Microsoft Word, LaTeX or other equivalent system – however, the final document should be in .pdf format.

Please write to Francesco for any question. Further details and updates will be published on this website and on the IAPS Facebook Group.

We looking forward to meeting you in Italy!

—  iaps@GranSasso 2015 Organising Committee —