IAPS’s Activities

IAPS’s activities focus is wide and includes activities with an international reach that IAPS sets up or co-coordinates – or in which it participates – and those that are initiatives of IAPS members, with local or national range, some of which, like PLANCKS, become IAPS-organized events. If the event is open to all IAPS members, it is defined as an IAPS event.

IAPS’s own and co-coordinated activities, along with those in which it participates, serve the purpose of focusing all IAPS members on particular, widely shared objectives: coordinating efforts on outreach with School Day, by choosing a theme each year on which all participating IAPS members concentrate to promote a specific area of Physics; providing opportunities to travel to and get to know theoretical or experimental research facilities and universities with excursions like iaps2cern, iaps4fusion and PAPAP; contributing to global UNESCO goals for the sharing of educational, cultural and scientific heritage through participation in the International Day of Light; fostering a social and professional environment of cooperation, collaboration and friendship between IAPS’s members by organising PLANCKS and ICPS.

Expanding on events in which it is directly involved, IAPS always welcomes member committees or other groups of IAPS members to organise events with a specific local, national or transnational motivation, supporting these financially or logistically, most importantly through grants. These are available for excursions, outreach events, exchange projects, cooperation between IAPS local or national committees and collaboration with organizations affiliated to other international student’s associations, but creativity is encouraged towards planning something entirely different that can fulfill, just as well, our objectives.

If you are interested in organising an event yourself, get in contact with the IAPS EC through ec@iaps.info. In case you want to organise an IAPS event, it has to be noted that the IAPS Terms and Conditions have to be included in the registration process.

If you are interested in organising an excursion, you can find information and useful tips on the Excursion How to Guide. If you are a newly formed National or Local committee or you want to revive you physics student community, you can also learn how a National Conference of Physics Students can be organised in its specific National Conference How to Guide.