Closing Ceremony

As the International Year of Light is slowly coming to an end and your preparations for School Day are heating up, more unique opportunities with IYL arise!

The Organising Committee of the closing ceremony of the International Year of Light wants to make the event truly international by having international volunteers and has asked IAPS for help. So do you feel like volunteering for IYL?

The closing ceremony of IYL takes place in Mérida Yucatán, Mexico, Febuary 4th-6th. Your help will be needed from Febuary 3rd (arrival) to Febuary 7th (departure).  More information on the event can be found here. As a volunteer, the Organising committee will cover the participation fee of the conference (200 EUR), but does not have the budget to support your travel. Due to this hurdle, the Executive Committee has decided not to impose limits on how many people can an NC or LC send. However, in case there are more applications than places available, the EC will try to diversify people as much as possible, on this basis:

  • Members of all types involved in School Day and other IYL events will be preferred
  • Countries with structured membership will be preferred
  • People from countries/cities with less participants will be preferred

At the moment IAPS can send 20 people as volunteers.

The Executive Committee will only be accepting applications from the heads of your National or Local Committee so if you want to go (ie. your NC/LC has to nominate you), talk to them. Individual members can apply directly to the EC.

Therefore, dear NC and LC heads, dear IMs, the deadline for sending the EC your nominations/applications is December 4th, 23:59 CET so there is enough time for you to find some sponsorship (ie. from universities, companies, national physics societies … ) if your members want to go and participate in the Closing Ceremony of the IYL as volunteers. Use the email iyl (at) iaps dot info and subject “Closing ceremony nomination – country name (and city if LC)”

After the deadline, the EC will notify everyone of their status: accepted and waiting list. In order to fill all places, please send nominations only if enough funds are available to you, or you are waiting for the result of a grant application (from a third party) which can cover your expenses.