NOTE – network for outreach training and education


Format is similar to that of many training networks, with goal of giving students a place to exchange their experience in outreach and to start thinking about new topics and problems. For students of research orientation, this will be the opportunity to learn something about educating kids and adapting content for the masses, and for students of educational orientation this is the perfect opportunity to network with future research community and experience exchange/gathering.

What will be done this year?

In the first year of NOTE, the most important objectives will be to optimise the content for IAPS members and to create the content of School Day 2017. Generation 0 should start first event in December (registration should start in November). The aim is to have at least 3 events – weekend trainings. For last event,  main focus will be School Day 2017 (or acoustics). Evaluation of this project will be presented during AGM.


Dec 7-11, 2016: NC Croatia

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Continuation of the project – beyond this year

Next year, IAPS needs to go from random distribution to targeted areas and make regional hubs. Promoting trainers and finding more work for them in member and external associations should be worked on. After generation 0, we will have students with different knowledge level, so multiple training levels need to be thought of.