edu weekend Zagreb


NC Croatia is organising 1. NOTE education weekend. The event is taking place December 8-11. It is possible to combine your attendance with EGM attendance.

Participation fee is set at 65 € and only IAPS members may attend.

This weekend will be a mix of DIY workshops, science busking and science shows, vocal,  movement and writing training, with discussions on psychology, pedagogy and didactic to better understand your audience and manage content.

The registrations are now open! Register here. For any questions, contact edu[at]

Schedule of the event can be found here.

Listed are the activities in work slots:

  • Introduction to methods of teaching physics in University of Zagreb
  • Introduction of student associations IAPS and SSHFD
  • Introduction to NOTE project
  • Discussion “What is science outreach for me”
  • Sharing experience between countries
  • “Physics Express” – Croatian physics students outreach project
  • Public speaking workshop
  • Session for choosing topic to work with during weekend
  • Stage movement workshop
  • Lecture and discussions in psychology “Who is your audience?”
  • Voice workshop
  • Group work exercise
  • Discussion about pedagogy and methods of communication
  • Research approach to teaching presentation
  • Workshop “Figure it out”
  • Science busking
  • Final speech, discussion and evaluation of training

The survival booklet is also ready for you now.

* denotes events related to EGM and it is possible to join those as well (not included in price of the trip).