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jIAPS Editor 2020 Call is Open!

The journal of IAPS, jIAPS, is the annual publication of the International Association of Physics Students, containing scientific articles, IAPS event reports and news from our members!
The journal, and all its promotion, is run and organised by an editor, and that person could be you!
The Call for the jIAPS 2020 Editor is now open! If you are interested in working and developing this publication, you have until the 17th of December to send to your CV, a letter of motivation and any statement about your ideas, projects and vision for jIAPS you may have!
Find out more here!

Call for volunteers!

IAPS is a large organisation and can not be run just by the Executive Committee(EC). For this purpose there are several working groups in various areas and they consist of IAPS members who devote their free time to help the EC on the day to day work of IAPS. They are volunteers and now you have a chance to become an IAPS volunteer!

Multiple opportunities are open and you do not want to miss this chance! Volunteering and gathering experience in student associations is very recommended, it may even help you when you apply to your first job! You can be an enthusiastic beginner, an experienced pro in organisation duties or anything in between. What is important is to have an open mind, good work ethics, the will to help and learn by doing.

This year, there are opportunities in several fields, reaching from Events and PR to Advocacy! Find out more here. And do not miss this chance to become a volunteer!