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jIAPS – the journal for physics students

Today we are proud to revive the great tradition of jIAPS, the journal of IAPS! For the past few years, jIAPS has been published only once per year. Now, jIAPS is coming back as an online journal, with articles published regularly for your reading pleasure.

See this? That’s jIAPS

What’s new this time?

The journal is going to be on the front page of the IAPS website!

But brand new jIAPS is not just a journal anymore. We officially got the job of the news reporter at IAPS. jIAPS will now publish news on upcoming events, experiences from past events, casual conversations about the lives of physics students, interviews with researchers from around the world, along with the scientific and non-scientific articles that our lovely authors send us… phew, the list never ends.

The best articles published online will also be published in the printed edition for this year. Stay tuned!

How can you get involved?

jIAPS is open to submissions from physics students around the world. We are always open for business, so we’ll be accepting articles throughout the year.

Has your NC or LC organized a great event recently? Have you just remembered the fun you had at ICPS or PLANCKS three years ago? Have you wanted to share your ideas, scientific findings, or just something that genuinely amazes you? This is your chance to present it to an international audience.

Not sure how to get started? We’ve made a document just for that: jIAPS Submission Guidelines. You can also look at articles from past editions of jIAPS for inspiration. Just take a deep breath… and start writing now! Once your article is done, send it to our email, If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email or at the #jiaps channel on IAPS Discord.

Until the next article…

On behalf of jIAPS Staff,
Zlatan Vasović, Editor-in-Chief

Call For Working Group Members

Working groups for the 2021-2022 term have now been launched! These are a great low-commitment way to get more involved with IAPS. See a full list below:

  • The Advocacy & Outreach working group spreads the joy of physics to students around the world and uses the IAPS platform to speak up for students who need it.
  • The PR working group keeps students engaged and informed in the IAPS community, through creative posts, initiatives and campaigns.
  • The Recruitment working group aims to to make IAPS even more international, empowering students around the world to form student groups (IAPS Local and National Committees).
  • The Members working group provides the backbone to the IAPS community and ensures that each National and Local Committee is getting all the support, help and value that IAPS can provide.
  • The Events working group oversees events run by IAPS Local and National Committees, and also hosts many additional events, such as iaps2CERN and the IAPS Industry Talks.
  • The Finances working group fundraises for IAPS initiatives and is crucial in ensuring that IAPS’ year-round events are possible.
  • The IT working group maintains, updates and recreates IAPS’ IT infrastructure. With a new website, database and more platforms coming soon, there are many projects to get involved in.
  • The External Relations working group maintains strong relationships with IAPS’ partners, makes the most of these partnerships and builds connections with new organisations.
  • The Strategic Committee works to help IAPS reach its strategic goals. This working group is perfect for anyone with ideas for how things could be improved and excitement for what IAPS could become.

If you have any questions, email Working groups are a fantastic way to meet new people in IAPS, get involved in cool projects and increase your chances if you plan to run for any elected IAPS positions.

We will be holding a Working Group Fair on Kumospace at 14:00 – 15:00 UTC on Sunday the 26th of September (join here). It will be a good opportunity to speak with the working group leaders and ask any questions you may have.

IAPS Annual General Meeting 2021, 14th & 15th of August 2021

The IAPS Annual General Meeting 2021, hereby AGM 2021, is going to be hosted online by the IAPS Executive Committee (EC) on Saturday & Sunday, August 14th & 15th 2021 starting at 12:30 UTC on August 14th. We expect to hold the meeting using the IAPS BigBlueButton server.

Please find below the draft AGM 2021 agenda, to which any IAPS member can propose changes, namely the addition of agenda items per the IAPS Charter point 17.4. The Executive Committee requests that these be sent by email to until 12:29 UTC on July 10th, in order to give the EC time to determine how to include the points in the final agenda.

1. Election of the Chair, Minute Taker and Tellers
2. Membership
2.1 Voting Rights
2.2 New Members
2.3 Expulsions
2.4 Quorum
3. Approval of the minutes of the March 27th 2021 Extraordinary General Meeting
4. Resolution of Auditors Report and Accounts of the 2018/2019 Executive Committee
5. Presentation of and discussion on Auditors Report and Accounts of the 2019/2020 Executive Committee
6. Election of the Auditors
7. Election of the IAPS Alumni Representatives
8. Election of the IAPS Archivist
9. Presentation of and discussion on 2020/21 Executive Committee Report
10. Discussion on and approval of the 2022/23 Executive Committee Roles and Responsibilities
11. IAPS Strategic Planning
11.1 Presentation of and discussion on the Evaluation Report of the implementation of 2018-2021 IAPS Strategic Plan
11.2 Discussion and approval of the 2021-2024 IAPS Strategic Plan
12. Discussion and approval of the 2021/2022 Budget
13. Discussion and vote on any proposed modifications of the Charter
14. Discussion and vote on any proposed modifications of the Regulations
15. Discussion and vote on any proposed modifications of the PLANCKS General Rules
16. External Relations
16.1 Discussion and approval of the format of the IAPS IUPAP Affiliated Commission status
16.2 Election of the IAPS IUPAP Affiliated Commission board members
16.3 Ratification of the IAPS-IAU Memorandum of Understanding
16.4 Ratification of the IAPS-IAGA Memorandum of Understanding
16.5 Ratification of the IAPS-ASP Memorandum of Understanding
16.6 Ratification of the IAPS-IUPAB Memorandum of Understanding
16.7 Ratification of the IAPS-IAVCEI Memorandum of Understanding
16.8 Ratification of the IAPS-IUCr Memorandum of Understanding
16.9 Presentation and discussion of IAPS participation in the Global Student Government organisation
16.10 Discussion and vote on IAPS applying to become an Affiliate Member of the IUGG
16.11 Discussion and vote on developing an application for IAPS to become an Affiliated Member of the ISC
16.12 Discussion and vote on developing an application for IAPS to obtain Consultative Status with UNESCO
16.13 Discussion on External Relations Liaisons
16.14 Additional matters
17. Selection of the 2022 IAPS School Day Topic
18. iaps2CERN
18.1 Presentation of status of planning for iaps2CERN 2022
19.1 Presentation of Final Report on PLANCKS 2020
19.2 Presentation of Preliminary Report on PLANCKS 2021
19.3 Presentation of Progress Report on PLANCKS 2022
19.4 Election of the host of the PLANCKS 2023
20. ICPS
20.1 Resolution of Final Report on ICPS 2019
20.2 Presentation of Progress Report on ICPS 2022
20.3 Election of the host of the ICPS 2023
21. Election of the 2021/22 Executive Committee members
22. Other points of interest