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Running for the EC – Treasurer

As the date of the Annual General Meeting approaches, we continue with the calls for Executive Committee (EC) offices applications.

This time, we address the office of Treasurer, the main handler of the financial affairs of IAPS, which makes it a highly demanding role of great responsibility.

For the 2019/2020 term, the current EC is proposing the following set of responsibilities for the Treasurer:
a. Make the ledger for the respective financial year
b. Make the proposed budget for the next financial year
c. Write and send invoices to the members (annual membership fee)
d. Write and send invoices for different IAPS events (e.g. iaps2CERN participation fee)
e. Keep track of all the financial transactions (e.g. online bank account and paypal)
f. Procure and keep the bank statements for future reference (e.g. the ledger)
g. Arrange reimbursements
h. Manage IAPS grants
i. Take care of sponsorship and donor’s agreements
j. Maintain a fair communication with the Fundraising Manager
k. Maintain a fair communication with the European Physical Society (EPS) regarding IAPS finances

This proposal is very similar to the current assigned tasks, although the reference to coordinating with the Fundaraising Manager is added, as this non-EC office is also a new proposal by the current EC.

We remind you that this list of tasks might still be changed by decision of the AGM.

For more information, check out what to expect as an EC member, what to expect as Treasurer and how to run.

Running for the EC – President

As you may know, the 2019 Annual General Meeting has been called, having, among the agenda points, the EC members election. The EC member positions and job description, beyond what is already set by the IAPS Charter and Regulations, are proposed by the EC in office at the time of the election.

Let’s start with the main EC position: President! This is a position of tremendous responsibility, as it involves its specific functions, plus coordinating the EC.

For the 2019/2020 term, the current EC is proposing the following set of responsibilities for the President:
a. Chair EC meetings
b. Ensure that the association functions in a fair manner
c. Chair the Special Governance Council, as outlined in the IAPS Strategic Plan
d. Charter a move to become an Observer of IUPAP
e. Direct the work of the EC
f. External relations
g. Direct the preparations for General Meetings and the Delegate Day
h. Direct the preparations for the IAPS workshops
i. Manage and represent IAPS

Although some details might be changed at the AGM, due to potential proposals from the membership, most of these responsibilities are intrinsic to the office of President, according to the IAPS Charter and the IAPS Regulations.

If you want to run, send your CV and a motivation letter to! If you want some more detailed information, check out this and this.

ICPS 2019 – Last registration opportunity for waiting list

The ICPS 2019 Organising Committee has opened registrations one final time to allow for a participation possibility for those who are still interested but were unable to sign up between the first and second rounds.

As all the places for ICPS Cologne are already filled, this final round is based on a waiting list, ordered according to date and time of registration, as it is expected that some already accepted participants might have to renounce their place for various possible reasons, a phenomenon observed every year.

So, if you haven’t signed up and want to attend the biggest IAPS event, this is your opportunity to register!

ICPS 2019 Grants and Scholarships available

The ICPS 2019 Organising Committee (OC) has announced two opportunities for financial support in ICPS 2019 attendance.

The Bonn Cologne Graduate School of Physics and Astronomy (BCGS) is supporting five Travel Grants, by reimbursement, of up to 400€ to cover conference fee and travel costs for students from Europe presenting a scientific contribution at ICPS.

The Dr. Karl Mey Scholarships, established by the DPG to promote young scientist from Central and Eastern Europe, are supporting with up to 600€ for conference fee and travels costs up to six ICPS participants from Central and Eastern European countries presenting a scientific contribution at ICPS.

To find out how to apply and to check if you can apply, read instructions here!

If you can apply, don’t miss this opportunity!

jIAPS 2019 Edition Article Topics Call

The Editorial Team of jIAPS is looking for article ideas for this year’s edition!
So, they have opened a call for article topics until this sunday, April 14th for IAPS members and alumni!

If you want to have your work, thoughts or experiences in jIAPS 2019, come up with up to two themes, write your motivation for them and fill in this form with that information! You free to choose various topics and approaches, from the difference of working experience in academia and industry to Science outreach and communication or the importance of diversity and equality in Physics.

You have until around the end of May to send the 500-700 word article itself. For now, you just need focus on selecting your topic of choice and submit the form!

Answer the call of jIAPS!

jIAPS Article Contest – Call for applications

Along with the Worldwide Grant, there is another opportunity for attending the ICPS for free while developing your scientific work skills: the jIAPS Article Contest.

The contest is a great opportunity to write about any Physics-related topic you like and have your article published in jIAPS, the IAPS journal!

To apply for the contest, send your article to and

You can apply until 23:59 GMT, 28th February, so start writing as soon as possible!

Follow jIAPS on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with jIAPS news!

ICPS Worldwide Grant – Call for applications

ICPS 2019 registrations are open and, with them, so is a big opportunity for students that may want or need IAPS support in attending ICPS in Cologne: the ICPS Worldwide Grant!

By preparing a student lecture to be presented during the conference, applicants to the Worldwide Grant will have a chance to have the conference fee plus a considerable fraction of travel costs covered by IAPS!

This grant serves the purpose of rewarding students with a good academic record, history of participation in a Physics society and adequate lecturing skills, with priority given to those with financial hardship.

To apply to go to ICPS 2019 through this opportunity, you must prepare and send to a preliminary abstract of your student lecture, a letter of motivation, your CV and remaining documents specified in the Worldwide Grant webpage.

Applications are open until February 28th, so start preparing yours now if you plan on sending one!

Become a Subbie!

An organisation as big as IAPS cannot be run only by the 9 physics students that make up the Executive Committee (EC). Several subcommittees in different areas exist and are constituted by IAPS members who devote their free time to help the EC on the day to day work of IAPS. These are the Subbies and you can be the next IAPS Subbie!

Several opportunities are open and you do not want to miss this chance! Volunteering and gathering experience in student associations is getting increasingly popular and it may even help you when you apply to your first job! You can be an enthusiastic beginner, a self-made pro looking to share knowledge or something in between. What is important is to have an open mind, good work ethics, the will to help and learn by doing.

This year, there are opportunities in several fields, from Events to Advocacy! Find out more here. And do not miss this chance to become a Subbie!

IAPS School Day Grant 2018 Call – Second Run

The IAPS School Day is the main IAPS outreach activity! Around the 10th of November, every year since 2015, physics students, members of IAPS visit schools and demonstrate several physics experiments under the same physics topic! It is our IAPS way of celebrating the World Science Day for Peace and Development!

And in 2018 the topic is … Particle Physics! If you are interested in participating in this local international activity but are struggling to attain sponsors, you have now a second chance to submit an application to the IAPS School Day Grant! Several applications were already accepted on the first call and with the leftover funds, IAPS wishes to help as many committees as possible to make the IAPS School Day come true!

What are you waiting for? You have until the 31st of October to send in your application! Do not miss this rare second opportunity! Find out more here!

jIAPS Editor 2019 Call is Open!

The journal of IAPS, jIAPS, is the annual publication of the International Association of Physics Students, containing scientific articles, IAPS event reports and news from our members!

The journal, and all its promotion, is run and organised by an editor, and that person could be you!

The Call for the jIAPS 2019 Editor is now open! If you are interested in working and developing this publication, you have until the 14th of November to send to your CV, a letter of motivation and any statement about your ideas, projects and vision for jIAPS you may have!

Find out more here!