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May is IAPS Student Mental Health Awareness Month

IAPS Student Mental Health Awareness Month

This May, IAPS is promoting on its social media a series of articles, research and testimonies related to student mental health.

An often overlooked topic, mental health is critical for students’ academic achievements and work-life balance in general, with psychological studies – as pointed out here – regularly concluding and pointing out the harm of frequent excessive levels of stress and psychological pressure in academia on emotional equilibrium, motivation and productivity in the workplace or in studies.

With this initiative, the IAPS Executive Committee hopes to contribute to a better understanding of the obstacles students, including those who study Physics, face in academia, be it in courses, research and work practice.

IAPS EC Statement on international students in Denmark

The International Association of Physics Students represents, through its member committees along with individual members, thousands of students from all over the world Therefore, considering rights are a fundamental basis for students’ academic development and civic engagement, IAPS has the responsibility of addressing matters related to students’ rights, taking a stand whenever these are in any way undermined.

So, the IAPS Executive Committee has issued a statement to affirm its position on the danish government’s policy of reducing the number of international students opportunities in danish universities, including in Science-related courses.

The IAPS EC believes this decision is wrong and deeply hurtful, particularly for the scientific community, as it restricts the possibility of students, as future professionals of Science, to expand their cultural and scientific horizons, connect and establish working relationships and friendships with their colleagues from other countries and cultures and participate in projects that benefit from transnational, diverse perspectives – all fundamental aspects of the identity and dynamic of the global scientific community.

As Science and knowledge know no boundaries, so shouldn’t the institutions that have the purpose of enlightening students on the amazing and diverse areas of the scientific endeavour, of which all who share the drive to explore nature and the cosmos should be able to be a part.

Read through the statement below!