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jIAPS 2019 Edition Article Topics Call

The Editorial Team of jIAPS is looking for article ideas for this year’s edition!
So, they have opened a call for article topics until this sunday, April 14th for IAPS members and alumni!

If you want to have your work, thoughts or experiences in jIAPS 2019, come up with up to two themes, write your motivation for them and fill in this form with that information! You free to choose various topics and approaches, from the difference of working experience in academia and industry to Science outreach and communication or the importance of diversity and equality in Physics.

You have until around the end of May to send the 500-700 word article itself. For now, you just need focus on selecting your topic of choice and submit the form!

Answer the call of jIAPS!

jIAPS Article Contest – Call for applications

Along with the Worldwide Grant, there is another opportunity for attending the ICPS for free while developing your scientific work skills: the jIAPS Article Contest.

The contest is a great opportunity to write about any Physics-related topic you like and have your article published in jIAPS, the IAPS journal!

To apply for the contest, send your article to jiaps@iaps.info and grants@iaps.info.

You can apply until 23:59 GMT, 28th February, so start writing as soon as possible!

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Jiaps: A new issue is coming

Jiaps, the journal of IAPS will have a new issue soon.
It is nearly two years since the last issue of Jiaps was produced. But now is a new issue, prepared by a team of 3 motivated editors and half a dozen authors, finished. We should be able to present it here within the next weeks.

jIAPS 3-2008 call for articles

The journal of the International Association of Physics Students (jIAPS) is looking for articles for its new issue.

The subject could be on any aspect of physics: anything from a straightforward report on a recent breakthrough in research, to recent advances in computer game physics engines, and everything in-between.

Email us an article pitch. Chances are if it’s interesting and even tangentially connected to physics we would be happy to commission it. The deadline for suggesting a topic is the 1st of October, after which you would have a month to write the thing.

For inspiration check out some of the back issues here or here.

Euan – jIAPS ed. (jiaps@iaps.info)