School Day Grant

Support up to €400 per committee.
Deadline: Round 1: Oct 10 to Oct 20 and Round 2: Oct 20 to Oct 30.

Picture credits: LC Noida, Shiv Nadar University, 2019

Since 2015, IAPS has supported members in hosting one of its key outreach activities, the IAPS School Day, scheduled annually to coincide with the World Science Day for Peace and Development. Each year in August, members of IAPS decide on the theme of School Day for the following year, with this year’s theme of Physics for Sustainable Development having been decided at the AGM 2022. The core of School Day is our member committees planning physics experiments around this theme, then visiting schools in their city or country and showing them what physics can do!

School Day 2022 will take place on Friday, November 12th.

Projects. Members should plan experimental setups directly related to the theme of this year’s School Day, aimed at pre-university students and which they can conduct themselves. Members will arrange with nearby schools to visit on School Day and help them to run the experiments. Members are encouraged to accompany these with explanations of physics, this year’s theme in relations to physics, and how the experiments will help the students to explore the theme! You are welcome to email the IAPS Outreach Manager at with any questions about School Day events!

Preferences for the project are as follows:

  • Financially efficient activities
  • Events in multiple locations over single location (for NCs only)
  • Going outside of your city over not going (for LCs and NCs going to rural areas)
  • Targeting specific age groups over general public
  • Collaborations (with institutes, universities, other student association) are encouraged

Additionally, in light of the current public health situation and potential restrictions on visiting schools, members are encouraged to plan their project so that it can be conducted remotely. This could include live-streamed demonstrations, pre-recorded videos, small activities that can be distributed by the school to students, or anything else! As always, the resulting costs and the need for IAPS funding must be justified.

Scope. IAPS members are encouraged to participate in School Day each year by planning physics experiments that school children can conduct. Since the theme changes each year and so experimental setups need to be refreshed, this grant, of up to €400 per committee, is offered to each organization upon their application. The award will depend on the budget of the event and on the exact amount of money applied.

Application. An application may be submitted by any National or Local Committee of IAPS (NC/LC), who as a full member has paid their membership fee for the 2021/22 financial year, or who as a provisional member has paid their fee for the current 2021/22 year.

Applications must be sent by email, to, with copied. The application must include:

  • A description of the proposed event, including but not limited to the description of experimental setups
  • A provisional budget with a breakdown of costs, including other sources of funding
  • The exact amount of money requested (based on the budget)
  • Contact details of the organiser(s)*
  • The bank account details of the National or Local Committee

Currently: Applications may be made between 10th October and 20th October for the first round. Only in the case that IAPS has funds to accept further applications after the first round will a second round be opened, between 20th October and 30th October.

We look forward to receiving your applications. Applicants will be ideally notified of the outcome of their application within a week of the deadline (regardless of the round they apply in). Successful applicants can be announced publicly, with their permission.

Awarding. The award is made at the discretion of the Executive Committee based on available funds; the EC may decide to award less than the amount requested. In case of grant approval, it has to be communicated to your participants that IAPS is sponsoring the project. This would include putting the IAPS logo on all promotional material – consult the IAPS Guidelines for Promotion.

If the project is approved, IAPS will pay 50% of the awarded monies before the event, and 50% after receipt of the final event report and an article for jIAPS. Monies will only be paid into an association bank account; if such an account cannot be provided, the grant will be deemed to have been forfeited. If the report is not received by 1 February 2022, the grant is deemed to have been forfeited, and the already-awarded monies must be returned to IAPS in full.

The decision of the IAPS Executive Committee shall be final.

Report. The report must be in publishable form (i.e. for inclusion in jIAPS) and include at least two photographs from the event itself. Along with the report, all promotional materials used for the event should be sent at the same time, displaying the appropriate IAPS publicity. 

An article on the event for jIAPS must also be included; this article is subject to editing in consultation with the jIAPS editor-in-chief ( before approval.


  • The project can be subsidized by only one IAPS grant at a time.
  • The grant will not cover the entire cost of the project. (Be sure to specify in your budget which costs you need IAPS money for.)
  • The application must be sent before 20 October 2022 for the first round, or before 30 October 2022 for the second round, no later than 23:59:59 UTC (see Application, above).
  • The project must take place on November 12th, 2022.
  • IAPS reserves the right to withhold or withdraw part or all of the grant in the case of any fraud, intentional falsification, breach of the IAPS Code of Conduct or the event Terms and Conditions, or criminal activity on the part of the winner, or runners-up if any, during the application, the event or the reimbursement process.

Additionally, to increase eligibility for the next cycle, members are encouraged to repeat the School Day activities** at least twice more before the end of the IAPS financial year (August 31st, 2023). The total number of participants in these activities can be smaller than the School Day itself.

the Executive Committee of
the International Association of Physics Students – IAPS

*Name, university, email and phone number. In case of multiple local members of NC/LC applying together, multiple organisers can be named (eg. one per city). In this case, separate reports may be submitted if the NC/ LC desires.

**This is to prevent equipment bought for School Day going to waste afterward. If you have multiple activities but are applying with just one, you may choose what to repeat. You may choose a different location than the original one. One-of-a-kind activities such as roundtables and public lectures will be excused, but are encouraged to be repeated as well.

In applying, the organisers must consider the IAPS Terms and Conditions and Reimbursement Guidelines. The IAPS Code of Conduct, or an at least equivalent code, must apply at the event. Each of these, along with IAPS’ social media, must be mentioned during the registration for any IAPS event.