Support for New Members

Financial support for new members 2019/20

IAPS recognises that often financial constraints can constitute a significant barrier to the creation of new National and Local committees (NCs and LCs). In some instances, the founders of the new committees have to pay out of their pockets for the legal and administrative fees required to create an association in their country. Moreover, when a committee is very young, it is sometimes hard to collect money to organise the first events. Two new types of grants are introduced to mitigate this problem and kick-start NCs and LCs.

Since IAPS can award money only to its members, new committees could apply for these grants when they officially become provisional members. While IAPS is happy to contribute financially to the creation of new committees, it strongly encourages the new NCs and LCs to look for other sources of funding (physics departments, national physics associations, private companies, membership fees, etc.) immediately after their foundation. Applications have to be sent to grants(at)iaps(dot)info.

Grant for Legal-Administrative Fees
As part of this grant platform, IAPS could reimburse up to 250€ for NCs and 50€ for LCs of legal and administrative expenses incurred by the committees as part of the registration process as a new organisation. The provisional committee must submit official receipts of these expenses. The IAPS EC makes the final decision on how much to award based on the availability of funds and the financial situation of the new committee.

Grant for Committee Kick-Starting
This grant would cover expenses for the organisation of events (food, printing leaflets and posters, etc.) with the goal of kick-starting the new organisation (for example, events aimed at presenting the newly-formed association). IAPS would reimburse up to 200€ for NC and 75€ for LC of expenses, provided that all original receipts (with budget), a short report on the event(s) and a jIAPS article are submitted. The IAPS EC makes the final decision on how much to award based on the availability of funds, the quality of the events organised (i.e. how many people were reached in how many different universities, etc.), the financial situation of the new NC or LC and whether a previous NC/LC had been founded in the same country/city. The entire amount of the reimbursement will be awarded after the event takes place.

Note: For small grant amounts the EC reserves the right to award the grant as a rebate on future fees to be paid to IAPS by the NC/LC.