Bids for the ICPS 2022

We are waiting for your bids to host the XXXVII. International Conference of Physics Students – ICPS 2022 !

Organising ICPS is definitely a challenging experience, with guest lecturers to invite, excursions to plan, money and sponsorships to find, and over four hundred physics students to host for a week’s worth of events – to say nothing of the IAPS AGM! But you and your team will gain incredible experience and satisfaction from pulling off an event like this, and you will have the support of IAPS and the knowledge of previous organisers every step of the way. So don’t hesitate to make a bid for ICPS!

ICPS follows a recurring programme, with several events such as the AGM being mandatory to host during the conference. There are a number of requirements on organisers, many things to account for, and plenty of room to be flexible and put your own stamp on this annual event. To help you prepare, the EC provides a number of documents:

You can find all the conditions and tips in these documents, read them well!

So go ahead, find fellow organisers and put your thoughts together for a bid! Please send your application to the Executive Committee’s e-mail address: The EC replies with suggestions to bids sent well before the AGM. You can also email for any questions you may have.

All bids should take into account the Charter (article 19) and the Regulations (articles 10 and 11) of IAPS. The relevant articles are also reproduced in the guide document. Please note that these include the rule that the organisers must be members of IAPS.

Bidders will be asked to write an article about their bid for jIAPS.

The host of ICPS 2022 will be elected at the AGM 2020 where bids are presented and defended. See video examples from 2012 here (winner) and here and from 2015 here (winner). This year, the AGM is held online. Planning to make a bid? Check out the details to attend the meeting here.