Call for jIAPS Editor

The journal of IAPS, jIAPS, is the annual publication of the International Association of Physics Students. It contains scientific articles and event reports from our member committees. Some articles will be chosen based on our annual article contest, which is open to all and are judged on the ability to communicate. The editor’s job will be to coordinate with the PR manager and other volunteers to assemble this year’s edition. This will include incorporating the results of the contest, creating graphics, general typesetting and pulling it all together!

If you are interested in running for the jIAPS editor or for volunteering to be a part of IAPS’s PR subbie in general, please email Please include a letter of motivation, brief statement about your vision and aims as jIAPS Editor, and a copy of your CV. If you would like more info on what it’s like to be involved in the workings of IAPS please email as well.

The deadline for editor applications is the 18th December, with the decision being made the following week.