jIAPS Article Contest

The jIAPS Article Contest 2018

Don’t miss out on the opportunity of winning the participation fee for this year’s International Conference of Physics Students! If there’s a physics idea you’d like to share with your colleagues from all around the world, you have a chance to get it published in the journal of IAPS (jIAPS) – and the best article will win the early bird registration fee of the ICPS 2018 (including excursion) and save a spot at the conference.

In a first round we will be receiving articles until 28 February 2018.


  1. The article must be written in English.
  2. Any equations should be represented using LaTeX.
  3. Any references must be made in APA or in bibTeX.
  4. One must submit a physics related scientific article in the range of 1-2 pages when images are included, specifically 500 to 1000 words.
  5. Articles will be judged on how well the knowledge is awarded for the ability of the contestant to communicate their work to the general reader base.

All articles must be send to: jiaps(at)iaps(dot)info and grants(at)iaps(dot)info.

In order to be guaranteed the grant, the selected successful student applicant will be expected to attend the conference for the whole duration of the event, including the Annual General Meeting, and any possible workshops.

The contest will not be held if we do not receive enough applications.
Non-scientific articles – e.g. on activities by our members – are also of interest to jIAPS and can have the same length as a scientific article but don’t take part in the competition.