jIAPS Creative Competition

[The deadline for the 2021 jIAPS Creative Competition has now passed]

Has your physics career suppressed your inner creativity? Do you need more outlets to express the talents you always – or never – knew you had? Unleash your inner artist with the jIAPS Creative Competition. Winners will have their work published in jIAPS, the journal of IAPS, and will also receive prizes.

Guidelines for the Competition:

  • Submit a creative work on any medium you prefer (e.g. a photograph, poem, artwork, comic strip) to jiaps@iaps.info.
  • Please ensure that the file you submit is of the highest definition; particularly for media such as photographs, artwork and comics.
  • We recommend scanning any hand-drawn artworks and sending them as a PDF document.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out the creative works submitted to jIAPS in previous years. If you have any questions, please email jiaps@iaps.info.

Deadline: August 15th, 2021


The contest will not be held if we do not receive enough applications.

jIAPS has the right to edit articles for publication in print and/or online.