jIAPS Monthly Photography Competitions

During January, the theme of the jIAPS Photography Competition is a photo that describes your mood/excitement/feeling for 2023 or a photo featuring your New Year’s Resolution. We would love to see your photos – just email us at jiaps@iaps.info, tag us on social media or post your photos in the #photos channel of the IAPS Discord. You don’t have to be a current physics student to enter.

This month we also have a non-photo element to the competition. If you don’t want to share a photo, just tell us your New Year’s Resolutions – they could be serious or funny. Just post them on Discord (or if you’d like to remain anonymous, you can write them in this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfaGfKofJD6TBf0fvdKCbetnmERwRfr3Qq4e7PKCL56Kblpqg/viewform ).

As well as the monthly themes, jIAPS always enjoys seeing Physics-related photos, including photos of events organised by IAPS and other Physics societies. You can see some of the best photos of Physics events here.

Previous Photography Competition Winners:

DecemberPhotos of the festive season

As it was Christmas this month, we had two winners:

🇬🇷 Cleo Vasilikou

Merry sunny Christmas everyone!! Cleo shared this beautiful picture on Christmas Day from a small village next to Danube in Hungary!

Cristina Balsells – Photo of a Physics Event

The first NC Spain governing board in-person meeting after the pandemic.

NovemberThanksgiving (either the celebration, or something you are thankful for); preparations for winter/summer; or November.

Winner – 🇬🇧 Sophie Gresty

Thankful for: Fun Physics Outreach
Each year our university student scout and guide organisation host a science jamboree in conjunction with the university and this year I mentored a group to deliver an activity and then delivered some myself. We delivered some magnetism activities to five Cub units (groups of 8-10 year olds) I was delivering mag-lev pencils.

October – Halloween/Oktoberfest/October-in-your-country

Winner – 🇲🇰 Evgenija Pandova

October-in-my-country meant meeting lots of lovely people at the 2nd Physics for Physicists (P4P) Students Conference, Skopje, Macedonia,
organized by the Macedonian Physics Students Society