jIAPS Editor-in-Chief

During the 2021 IAPS Annual General Meeting, Zlatan Vasović was elected as the Editor-in-Chief for the 2022 edition of jIAPS.

The journal of IAPS, jIAPS, is the annual publication of IAPS featuring all our events, scientific articles and creative works from our members, and any news of interest to our IAPS community. If you would like to know more about jIAPS, read here.

The journal is organized and run by an Editor-in-Chief, who supervises a team of Editors and a PR Manager to write, edit, design, and promote articles for a cohesive and visually-appealing journal that represents the IAPS community!

The Editor-in-Chief’s role consists of:

  • coordinating with the IAPS PR manager and supervising their team of editors to assemble their jIAPS edition
  • communicating with IAPS EC, member committees, and external contacts to gather all the relevant information for the publication
  • writing and editing articles alongside Editors, doing general typesetting and creating graphics for articles
  • promoting jIAPS alongside the jIAPS PR Manger on its social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@_jIAPS_)

There is no experience necessary to apply, but skills in leadership, communication and organization will come in very handy. These are also skills you will learn on the job!