Meeting Fellows – Making Friends – Join the International Conference of Physics Alumni

Queuing up at the registration desk, meeting old friends from last year, making new friends already at the Welcome Party, being totally excited and looking forward to a gorgeous week with like-minded young people from all over the world. Saying goodbye at the Farewell Party – with a crying and an auspicious eye – crying because you already miss the awesome people you just have met, auspicious because you are already looking forward to the next year – the next ICPS.

Everybody who has ever attended an ICPS knows about these feelings, these moments one will never forget. “See you next year”, might be one of the most common farewell . . .

. . . and all of the sudden you have successfully graduated and cannot attend ICPS because you are not a Physics student anymore though you would like to reunite with your old fellows.

What hinders you? Nothing! That’s the spirit of ICPA – the International Conference of Physics Alumni, an initiative which has been born during the Alumni Workshop at the ICPS in Zagreb 2015, that has been revitalised and is now driven by ambitious Alumni who have met and become friends through ICPS.

The organising committee of ICPA 2018, behind Peter van Arkel, wants to recall this unforgettable time with amazing people as a great potential for alumni events and networking is foreseen. We want to offer the opportunity to Alumni and students to crosslink with each other, exchange experiences, make new friends and spend some great days together. For these reasons, the ICPA is intended to be organised in close coordination with IAPS and to take place at the same time as the ICPS. There will be some common activities with the ICPS participants but also some individual time schedule for the Alumni themselves.

The first ICPA happened in Helsinki in 2018. All we need is YOU as an Alumni to join. Follow us on Facebook ICPS / IAPS Alumni and stay updated.

On behalf of the ICPA organizing committee,

Manuel Tomberger, Public Relations and Promotion



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