LC Bucharest, Romania

LC_Bucharest_LogoAsociatia Studentilor Fizicieni din Universitatea Bucuresti (ASFUB)

What is ASF-UB ?

Association of Physics Students of University of Bucharest is a non-governmental organization, its status being recognized both nationwide and international, managed only by students from the Faculty of Physics from University of Bucharest. It was founded with the purpose of representing the interests and aspirations of students and to be an intercessor between them and the professors.

We are active members in :

  • The Students Association from the University of Bucharest / Asociatia Studentilor a Universitatii din Bucuresti (ASUB)
  • Romanian Students’ Union / Uniunea Studentilor Romani(USR)
  • International Association of Physics Students (IAPS)

We have partnerships with the research institutes of Magurele Platform of Research, other students associations from the faculties of the University of Bucharest, and also from various faculties over the country, as well as youth associations with which we collaborate for various projects. ASF-UB wants to create an environment for youth development, outside courses and academic activities.

Who is a member of ASF-UB?

Any student of the Faculty of Physics from University of Bucharest who shows interest into the objectives of the association as well as self development and learning new skills(IT, primary accounting, human resources, leadership, management, sponsorships, etc.) can be a member of ASF-UB.

What does ASF-UB do?

Our main purpose is to support students’ interests and to ensure that there are solutions to the problems they encounter. Also, we organize scientific, social and cultural events.