LC Guatemala City, Guatemala

Asociación de Estudiantes de Física y Matemática

 Year of joining IAPS    2020
 Number of member students (approximate)    5
 Number of represented students (approximate)     150


The Association of Physics and Mathematics Students (AEFM) of the San Carlos University of Guatemala is a student organization that watches over the rights of the students it represents. Which seeks to contribute to the development of the country through science. Creating spaces that strengthen the capacities and ties of future scientists. It also seeks that its students generate critical thinking about the national social reality. Among the activities carried out are:
– Conferences
– Forums
– Conservatories
– Olympics
– Outreach activities

The AEFM is a communication channel with other international students’ and scientific associations.

Web presence

Instagram: @aefm_usac
Twitter: @aefm_usac



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