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Suomen fysiikan- ja
matematiikanopiskelijat ry

 Year of joining IAPS     1991
 Number of local groups     11
 Number of member students (approximate)     3500


Suomen fysiikan- ja matematiikanopiskelijat ry (SFMO) is the national committee of Finnish physics and mathematics students. We are an umbrella organization and our members are 11 local student committees. These eight member organizations cover all the physics students in Finland and a little more. Most of our member organizations are not exclusively for physics students. Their members include math and chemistry students. Combined our local committees have around 2000 members. They all are members of IAPS.

SFMO has up to 16 board members and the budget is around 500 € a year. That money comes from the annual membership fees which are 20 € – 50 € per local committee and from donations from the Finnish Physical Society. The most important annual event
is FysikerFest, which is kind of a naitonal version of ICPS, organized in a changing city.
It gathers together up to 250 physics students from all around Finland. We have two general meetings a year and the annual general meeting is held during the Fysikerfest.

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Suomen Fysiikand- já matematiikanopiskelijat ry
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