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Undergraduate and Postgraduate Physics Society (UPPS)

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 Number of member students (approximate)     23000


The IOP Undergraduate and Postgraduate Physics Society (UPPS) is our student advisory body which liaises with us to support physics and astronomy students throughout the UK and Ireland. UPPS connects societies together to allow them to share ideas, network and improve, such as the Societies Forum which is a chance for all society presidents and representatives to get together and share ideas for networking and collaboration.

Together we organise various annual trips and events, this includes a trip to CERN and various joint events with IAPS. Additionally, CAPS is the annual Conference for Astronomy and Physics Students, held in a different university each year.

Read about the CERN trip.

Our membership is inclusive and equal for all physicists. As an Associate Member of the IOP, you can be part of a wider community of physicists working together to support each other and promote physics in society.

Many of our members joined the IOP whilst at university and have benefited from dedicated support and services, through every stage of their career and professional development. Being an active member of the IOP will help you to broaden your subject knowledge, develop essential skills for your CV and connect you with prospective employers. You will also have opportunities to meet like-minded students, visit world-class physics facilities across the UK and Europe, and the chance to receive funding for your university student society.

“As a member, the IOP has supported my studies in many ways, from providing careers events, networking opportunities, events and academic resources. You can choose to volunteer, attend a lecture, or read a copy of Physics World, it’s up to you.”

Elliot, UPPS committee and physics undergraduate

Get involved in a range of exciting events and activities at your university, including those organised by our campus ambassadors, affiliated student societies and our Undergraduate and Postgraduate Physics Society (UPPS). Or participate in your local branch and any number of our special interest groups. If you are not already an IOP member, find out more here.

Becoming an IOP member (of any grade) counts as being a IAPS member under NC United Kingdom and Ireland, and thus able to attend IAPS events.

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