Membership Fees

All member committees and individual members, except for honorary members, pay an annual membership fee. The financial year of IAPS is from 1. September to 31. August. Please note that your payment should also cover the transaction costs.

National Committee

The NC membership fee is based on the country’s (or countries’) Gross National Income, and is calculated using the following formula:

where a = 75, b = 2, c = 400, d = 1 for countries in Europe, 0.5 for others.

G is the Gross National Income (GNI) of the country (or countries). The reference is taken from the most recent figures released by the World Bank, evaluated by the Atlas method.  Charts are available at
Please note that in the fee formula the value G should be put in as the GNI in millions of US Dollars.

The result of the expression is the fee in Euros.

If a National Committee consists of more than one country, the membership fee is based on the combined GNI of all the countries represented by the committee.

Local Committee

The membership fee for an LC is one third of what the fee would be for an NC in that country.

Individual Membership

The individual membership fee is €10.


New committees from countries, research or higher education institutions which have not had a representative committee during the last three financial years are granted a 50 % discount in the membership fee for the financial year of their application ​and a 25 % discount on the following financial year.


Methods of Payment

1. Bank transfer to the IAPS account. The account details are:

Account name: IAPS

IBAN: FR76 30004024 7100 0101 8331 166
Bank: BNP Paribas, Alsace franche comte entrep., 2 Rue de Berne, FR-67300, Schiltigheim, France

2. PayPal

pp_cc_mark_74x46We’re glad to announce that IAPS accepts PayPal payments now!

Please send your PayPal payment to the e-mail address

Please contact the treasurer in case of any problems.

3. By credit card using this form. Please fill out the form and send it by email to address

4. For individual members only, and only if the first two payment methods are not possible, the membership fee may be paid in cash at an IAPS event.

For more information on the types of membership, see How to Join, or the Charter.