AstroIAPS – IAPS reaching the stars

Photo: Some AstroIAPS participants in front of the observatory (credit NC Mexico)

AstroIAPS is an event advanced by the Youth Scientific Society (Sociedad Científica Juvenil – SCJ), NC Mexico, that brings Astronomy to the focus of IAPS.

The first edition was organized in 2018 by NC Mexico and took place between the city of Ensenada and San Pedro Martír, Mexico.

From the 10th to the 14th of October, the 11 participants from 3 countries – Mexico, Costa Rica and Germany – took part in several activities planned by the organisers:

The sharing of scientific knowledge by professors and researchers in the vast field of Astronomy, the exchange of cultural experiences, particularly of Mexico, and the friendly social environment among physics students makes AstroIAPS an important event that expands the horizons of IAPS events and facilitates the involvement of physics students outside of Europe, further internationalizing IAPS.

The importance of this event and the determination of the organisers to consolidate it as an early event are good indicators of the exciting possibility of a second edition in 2019, as a great opportunity to grow and get more students involved.