General Member

This page contains the special things a candidate for General Member of IAPS needs to know. Be sure to first read what any EC candidate should to know.


The General Member is a very flexible role which allows you to push through your agenda in the areas you find most crucial for IAPS. If you have a specific project you would like to undertake during your tenure, you can run on this platform at the AGM and get elected to get this particular project started. On the other hand, you can also help other EC members with their tasks and take on jobs that do not fit specifically into anyone else’s job description.

Useful skills:

  • Time: the workload can vary a lot over time. Try to balance and optimize is important. Pace yourself!
  • The ability to tackle projects in different areas and learn quickly about them.
  • Take effective initiative.
  • Very good team work and communication skills. Make sure that the communication with other EC members and externals is always as clear and effective as possible.


You will join the first meeting of the EC during the ICPS in which you are elected. This could be a good occasion to start discussing with your fellow EC members about the projects/responsibilities you will undertake during your tenure. As a general member, you do not have a specific set of pre-assigned responsibilities, but this does not mean that your contribution to the work of the EC is less important. Indeed, you might end up playing a crucial role spearheading your personal projects and jumping in when other EC members are very busy on other tasks.

Are you ready to run? Go back here and see how you announce your candidature.

Good luck!