Membership and Alumni Manager

This page contains the special things a candidate for IAPS Membership and Alumni Manager needs to know. Be sure to first read what any EC candidate needs to know.


  • Stay in touch with our current members (e.g. support them with contacts to other, more senior IAPS members)
  • Set up the Alumni programme together with the upcoming Alumni representative for the ICPS 2019
  • Help the IAPS IT Manager with IAPS members IT as e.g. the IAPS member data base or IAPS wiki
  • Check out new possibilities to enlarge IAPS’ programme for students who cannot come to regular IAPS events (e.g. IAPS pop-up lectures, LC/NC partnerships)
  • Recruit new (committee) members e.g. with the aid of current ones, research on young physicist associations or IUPAP

Useful Skills

  • Delegate as much as possible!
  • Be reliable.
  • Be communicative; you have to talk a lot about IAPS with people
  • Make time for IAPS in your daily routine; e.g. answering E-Mails on the evening and tackle large task at the weekends
  • Set your priorities right within your year in office; rather accomplish some smaller goals than fail/not finish a lot of huge ones.
  • However, don’t be afraid of larger tasks; find yourself supporters for them
  • Thus, never hesitate to ask more senior (e.g. former EC members) for their opinion

What to expect right after the AGM (if elected):

  • Your first official EC meeting is still during ICPS
  • In particular, make sure that the members database is handed over correctly

What to expect during the year:

  • Delegate as much as possible!
  • Be reliable.
  • Do not forget the points written in useful skills
  • Keep the members’ data up to date. E.g. check for updates each quarter; furthermore, try to figure out NC/LC election dates
  • Find new IAPS members
  • Keep the old ones interested/active
  • Get IAPS members involved directly; e.g. find yourself a subcommittee for some of these tasks

Are you ready to run? Go back here and see how you announce your candidature.

Good luck!