PR manager

This page contains the special things a candidate for PR manager of IAPS needs to know. Be sure to first read what any EC candidate needs to know.


As PR manager, you are responsible for the appearance of IAPS both internal and external. You are in charge of promoting IAPS’ events throughout the year so that the work of all organisers wasn’t useless as well as promoting everything that happens within IAPS and the EC. The work of PR manager is split into a lot of different tasks which needs knowledge in a lot of different programmes and areas.

Useful skills:

  • Time: it needs a lot of time to get into every of the different programmes and setup ones own procedures to manage the tasks.
  • Designing and fun for designing things
  • Experience in WordPress or similar for editing and updating it
  • Experience in taking care of social media channels (especially how to reach most people)
  • Having fun on writing (short) texts like for the newsletter

What to expect right after the AGM (if elected):

  • Your first official EC meeting is already during ICPS where the old EC will have a lot to hand over.

What to expect during the year:

  • You have to prepare the TOPs connected to your work in PR.
  • Keep the website of IAPS up to date
  • Promote IAPS, its events and announcements of collaborators through our social media channels (keep asking for input since they won’t fall into your lap ;) )
  • Write the monthly Newsletter
  • Prepare the business cards for the new EC
  • Stay connected to the Editor-in-chief of jIAPS (you are responsible that jIAPS is ready for the next ICPS) and improve the sponsorships connected to jIAPS.
  • Improve the merchandising (new designs, possibilities of distribution, search for places to print,…)

Are you ready to run? Go back here and see how you announce your candidature.

Good luck!