This page contains the special things a candidate for Secretary of IAPS needs to know. Be sure to first read what any EC candidate needs to know.


As the Secretary you keep track of everything that is going on in IAPS. You are in charge to check if things are handled as they were discussed. Sometimes those reminders are needed

Useful skills:

  • Time: Many people want to talk to you to get more information on IAPS.
  • The ability to manage several tasks at once and also of other poeple.
  • Being reliable to take the minutes and make them accessible to the IAPS members shortly after the meetings. IAPS meetings are open and also if members can‘t make it they have a right to read the minutes.
  • The ability to motivate others to do tasks. Some people are lazy and even though it‘s difficult to motivate people from far away, you should do your best.

What to expect right after the AGM (if elected):

  • Your first official EC meeting is already during ICPS following the AGM where the old EC will have a lot to hand over. Don’t forget that you need to take the minutes of this meeting.
  • You will also have to update the IAPS documents as they were agreed on in the AGM.

What to expect during the year:

  • Each EC meeting needs to be prepared.
  • Writing the minutes of each EC meeting. If a meeting can‘t be attended, it‘s fine to get someone else to cover it.

Are you ready to run? Go back here and see how you announce your candidature.

Good luck!