Summer Schools and Conferences

The summer is the time of the year for the ICPS. So you should check it out first, just click here.

But in case you didn’t get a place or you want to do even more than just ICPS, you can find here a list of Summer School and Conferences opened to undergraduate students.

1) Joensuu Summer School on Optics The series of 10 lectures examines optical and electronic processes in organic conjugated systems (small molecule and polymers) that govern the behavior of practical organic optoelectronic devices. It occurs every year, so do not miss registration!

2) Short-term programs at ITMO University offer an opportunity to dive right into your area of interest and connect with an international group of peers, adding some serious rocket fuel to your education, research and career opportunities. Some of the examples of short-term programs are: intensive study weeks (1-2 weeks), summer schools (1-2 weeks), seminars (1 week). Just choose what fits you best! The registration depends on the individual program.

3) Summer Schools or conferences that might be of interest for you can also be found here or on this website.

4) Conferences organised within the framework of the European Physics Society (Link).