The Student Ambassador Programme

Having trouble getting your fellow students excited about IAPS and the world of physics students? That is now a thing of the past – introducing the Student Ambassador Program!

If you have ever been part of an IAPS activity, chances are that you found it to be a rewarding experience, which you will cherish for years. However, most physics students have never had that chance, and for whichever reason, they have not been motivated to seek it.

As an Ambassador, you will be part of an international team sharing information about our offers to local student communities all over the world.

Your activities can be, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Putting up posters
  • Informing your colleagues
  • Distributing flyers
  • Setting up a member committee at your university (if it’s not already there)
  • Writing to student magazines to tell about your experiences – example from the US

There is no minimum of hours per week but we do expect you to be reachable so you can take part.

As a larger project, a Student Ambassador may help initiate a local activity related to international physics students. Such activities are supported by IAPS through the IMAP Grant with up to 1000 €.

You will receive regular emails with information and material in need of sharing and you will be able to write directly to the PR Subbie and discuss your progress with us. Thus, IAPS will support you with ideas on how to get your community involved while we can all learn from your experience in return. As such, the Ambassador position is also an opportunity to change IAPS as well as making it grow.

Many new students will benefit because of passionate Student Ambassadors and we very much hope that you are willing to join in the efforts.

Write to pr(at)iaps(dot)info if you are interested or want to know more.