Finance Working Group

In order to make our year-round events possible and offer financial resources such as grants to our members, IAPS needs a lot of funding. This makes the role of the Finance Working Group central to the smooth operation of IAPS as an organization.

Call for 2021/22 Finance Working Group:

The role of members of the Finance Working Group will generally be to assist the Treasurer and Fundraising Manager with their tasks. This will include helping to draft and review documents for the FR Manager as listed above, and keeping track of the Treasurer’s duties and assisting where needed. Members will also help in determining where IAPS can look to increase its funding, and how best it can spend its resources.

Working Group members are also invited to add their opinion on how IAPS’ finances can be best handled, throughout the year. Experience in handling accounts (bank accounts, transfer accounts, PayPal) or money for an association is highly valued; so is any education or experience in financial regulations and rules in Europe and France.

Interested parties can apply by email to

Finance WG members will be recruited throughout the year as needed, so don’t hesitate to apply whenever you read this!

***Applicants applying for the Fundraising Manager position can also apply for the Finance Working Group.

Please state in the email which role or roles you are applying for, what and where you are studying, and if you are a member of IAPS or not. Please also include your CV, and a short statement of motivation saying why you are interested and what your relevant experience, if any, is (about one paragraph, you can write this in the email).