Finance Working Group

In order to make our year-round events possible and offer financial resources such as grants to our members, IAPS needs to raise funds and allocate this funding to projects wisely. This makes the role of the Finance Working Group central to the operation of IAPS as an organization.

Call for 2021/22 Finance Working Group:

IAPS is launching the Finances Working Group! The working group will be in charge of IAPS budgeting and fundraising activities. We work to make budgetary decisions for the current and future years for IAPS, so if you are interested in where IAPS spends its money and want to influence it, this is the place to do it. The Finances working group will also work on fundraising for IAPS, making our organization stronger and more capable. This is an excellent chance for getting experience with funding projects which will also help our LCs and NCs on the ground getting more of their ideas brought to fruition. Both areas will need work and members can individually choose where they want to put their work.

Both areas need managing officers, who will be chosen by an internal election when work begins. Working in this working group won’t just help IAPS and let you put your own touch on our financial priorities, you will also gain experience in areas such as: EU non-profit law, organizational budget management, fundraising and grant processing, skills which are easily transferrable to any other international organization or company you might one day be working with.

Interested parties can apply by email to 

Finance WG members will be recruited throughout the year as needed, so don’t hesitate to apply whenever you read this!

Workload in the group will generally be adjustable, but one should expect to attend at least one meeting every 2-4 weeks. Obviously positions such as Budgeting or Fundraising officer will put more responseability on you. These positions will be discussed more in depth in the working group, but short descriptions have been included here:

Fundraising Officer:

The fundraising officer will be in charge of working with all WG members focusing on fundrasing to develop a streamlined way, both to find funding for IAPS’ international activities and for local activities in different countries where IAPS is active. This will both be done by research but also by close cooperation with the external relations working group, working with our existing partners to optimally run our activities.

If you enjoy communicating with different parties and discover new modes of collaboration as well as being the supreme engine driving IAPS forward, enabling more events than could ever be planned by an individual, this position is for you.

Budgeting Officer:

The budgeting officer is in charge of tracking the expenditures of IAPS in cooperation with the treasurer. keeping track of prior commitments and finding ways to optimally allocate the funding which IAPS has in order to benefit the organization as much as possible.

If you enjoy getting a broad view of our activity, playing with an intricate financial puzzle and making considerations for future budgets and thereby our future goals, you should consider this position.