Fundraising Manager [non-EC]

This page contains information a candidate for Fundraising Manager for the 2019/2020 term needs to know. This position, proposed by the outgoing EC, is a non-EC office, specific within the Finances Working Group, designed to complement to the work of the Treasurer with a clear focus on fundraising, an essential aspect for the future growth of IAPS.


  • Writes and updates IAPS sponsorship offers
  • Make database, contact and maintain contact with prospective IAPS sponsors or donors
  • Keep track of prospective grants and competitions to which IAPS can apply
  • Manage grants and competitions’ applications to which IAPS is applying
  • Manage the Fundraising Working Group

Useful skills

  • Proper communication, as it will be necessary to contact several organisations on the sensitive topic of financial contributions
  • Experience in negotiation, so the best deal possible for IAPS can be arranged
  • Adequate organisation of documents, particularly in managing applications

Start thinking of running. Once the new EC is in function, you should be ready!

To paraphrase Spiderman’s uncle Ben, with great funds comes great responsibility.