Fundraising Manager [non-EC]

IAPS is looking for people to help out with its finances! As approved at the AGM 2020, we are looking for a Fundraising Manager who can give their time to help IAPS find more sponsors and grantors! This is a non-EC office, specific within the Finances Working Group, designed to complement to the work of the Treasurer with a clear focus on fundraising, an essential aspect for the future growth of IAPS.

Call for 2020/21 Fundraising Manager:

The role of the Fundraising Manager will be to take on the main work required to start getting IAPS money from grants and sponsorships. This can include looking for and applying for grants from NGOs, and approaching businesses, universities and institutions with offers to fund IAPS’ own grants and activities.

The Fundraising Manager’s tasks will include:

  • Search for open and potential grants for IAPS to apply for
  • Write grant applications on behalf of IAPS
  • Rewrite IAPS’ call for sponsors from institutions and businesses
  • Investigate other fundraising opportunities and models for IAPS
  • Investigate tools and platforms IAPS can use to raise money
  • Assisting the Treasurer in their other tasks
  • Assist the other members of the Finance WG

The following skills will be highly useful for applicants:

  • Experience in formal writing and proper communication
  • Experience with fundraising options in general
  • Experience in negotiation, especially in business
  • Experience with handling accounts for an association
  • Experience with writing grant proposals (academic or otherwise)
  • Knowledge of existing open funds and sponsorships
  • Ability to organise and track documents and applications
  • Knowledge of financial regulations and rules in Europe and France

If you do not have this experience already, don’t worry! You just need to be motivated, willing to help, and able to devote some time. Applicants are also required to be fluent in English.

Applications are accepted from 30 September 2020 to 14 October 2020, ending at midnight UTC, with a decision being made by the Treasurer before 11 October 2020. There is potential for a second round if more applications are sought.

Interested parties can apply by email to

***Applicants applying for the Fundraising Manager position can also apply for the Finance Working Group.

Please state in the email which role or roles you are applying for, what and where you are studying, and if you are a member of IAPS or not. Please also include your CV, and a short statement of motivation saying why you are interested and what your relevant experience, if any, is (about one paragraph, you can write this in the email).