IT Working Group

Have you ever thought that the IAPS website could be better or attended the AGM and wanted to help making the electronic voting system even better? If so and if you are interested in IT and ready to volunteer for a great organisation, the IT Working Group the place to be for you.

Join a team of Executive Committee members and volunteers maintaining, updating, and recreating our IT infrastructure. You will get to put your skills in use in various different tasks, learn some new skills on the way, and most importantly meet some great new people.

The main tasks for 2018/2019 are in short:

  1. improving the IAPS electronic voting system,
  2. keeping the IAPS website up to date,
  3. optimizing the current systems,
  4. whatever else shows up and the subcommittee wants to work on
  5. and quite possibly trying to do couple of experiments with big and very exiting  new technologies as the new IT manager is a rather crazy experimentalist. (Vive la révolution!)

If you are interested in joining us in the IT Working Group, send an informal application to the IT Manager and answer shortly to the following questions:

  1. How much time are you able to invest in working with the Working Group (estimate a weekly average)?
  2. What are the main topics that you are interested in?
  3. How are your technical skills (especially programming and web page maintenance)?
  4. Extra: a crazy but super good idea you have ???

The above questions are just for us to tailor suitable tasks for each of you; all motivated people are welcome to join! We would also like to emphasize that while technical skills like basic programming skills are favourable, they are not necessarily required as most of the tasks include lot of planning and trying to see what the end user might see. That is why also non-technical feeling people are also encouraged to join!