Membership Working Group

An organization can only be as great as the members that make it up. One of the reasons IAPS has seen so much growth and success over the years is the high caliber of the physics students that each play an important part in the organization. IAPS is a federation of member societies spread throughout the world and we will continue to spread until we reach every physics student, everywhere. At the core of IAPS is a singular goal, to foster international partnerships and camaraderie with physics students across the world. Implicit in that charge is that we reach physics students around the world. That is where the Membership Working Group comes in.

As a member of the Membership Working Group, you will work with the Membership and Alumni Manager to identify, form, and foster new relationships with physics students from all over the globe. We identify areas that have existing physics student structures in place or the potential for those structures to be built. We collaborate with the physics student leaders on the ground in those areas to build up Local or National Committees. We walk them through the process of joining IAPS, just as someone helped your organisation join IAPS in the past. Giving them the tools for success helps grow IAPS, but it also provides those students with a chance to join our international physics students community.

If you want to communicate and meet students from all over the world, develop experience building supportive communities, and strengthening your professional development skills, please consider joining the Membership Working Group. Reach out to the Membership and Alumni Manager at or through

Thank you for being a member of this fantastic organisation and thank you for considering giving back and helping us take IAPS to new heights.