Outreach Working Group

For the past few years, outreach and education have been two of the most important areas of focus by IAPS. In fact, ever since the new Science Outreach grants were approved at the 2017 AGM we now have, in addition to the previously existing School Day grants, many new opportunities in place for both organising and running all sorts and types of events.

As passionate physicists, it is our task to get the public informed, to keep current physics students inspired, and to make physics a less threatening subject for everyone. Regardless if your idea involves collaborating with other organisations, working on specific issues with particular age groups or perhaps just improving current existing events, lots of work needs to be put down into making any of these happen. That is where the Outreach Working Group comes in!

The Outreach Working Group will have the responsibility of helping develop and implementing most of the education and outreach activities of IAPS during the upcoming academic year. For instance, we aim at developing a model day plan for the School Day Event and also increase the number of activities and experiments currently on offer. The 2019 edition, which will run under the umbrella of “Elements and Materials”, is currently under preparation and as such it has never been a better time for you to join and leave your mark on an event that as been growing ever since its inception, currently running simultaneously at about 10 different countries.

As part of the Working Group you will also have the opportunity to share your view on any of the upcoming outreach events as well as any other possible ideas that you might be thinking of running. IAPS needs volunteers that aren’t afraid in getting involved with their local communities, that have ideas for possible events, and that are overall motivated in making physics as a whole more accessible to everyone. Prior experience in outreach and education is desired but not mandatory.

So whether you are an undergraduate student looking for ways of getting involved with the physics community at an international level, a graduate looking for a platform to run their outreach and education ideas, or someone who just likes outreach and would like to contribute, then feel free to send us a short email at edu@iaps.info introducing yourself and your reasons for applying. Alternatively, you can also contact the outreach manager directly at luka.lokas@iaps.info.