Education and Outreach Subcommittee

“Let’s educate, inspire and spread the knowledge throughout the world!”

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IAPS has been keeping outreach and education as one of the most important area to focus on. The declaration of the new Science Outreach Grants along with pervious School Day Grants by the AGM of 2017 at ICPS 2017, Turin has opened door to many possibilities for expanding education and outreach to a new level. For our plans of collaborating with other organizations for Education and Outreach at an official level, creating outreach activities focused on specific area and age groups and for taking further our previously designed outreach activities, lot of work will need to be put into making our efforts effective.

As passionate physicists, it is our task to get the public informed, to keep current physics students inspired, and to make physics a less threatening subject for everyone. The outreach and education subcommittee will have the responsibility of helping to develop and implement education and outreach activities of IAPS. For a quick beginning, we would be developing a model day and also would aim high to go further with creating activities and instructions list for the School Day Event of 2017 under the topic “Acoustics”. We will also work toward making the International School Day outreach event more widespread and developed for the coming years. For this, we need volunteers to help put together a well-developed outreach program that can be used worldwide.

As a subcommittee, we will also discuss the upcoming outreach events as well as other possible events and we will begin planning such events together as a group. Specifically, IAPS is in need of volunteers that aren’t afraid to get involved in their local communities. Volunteers that have ideas for possible events, prior experience in outreach and education, and a strong passion for spreading their experiences and understanding in physics are desirable.

Come join us and let’s share our passion for physics through service to our communities and countries. Let’s educate,inspire and spread the knowledge throughout the world.

Just send us a short email at introducing yourself and describing your interest. You may also mention some new ideas and plans you have for any of our current outreach activities or even formulate some new ideas on outreach activities and projects you want to work on.

Feel free to contact the education and outreach officer directly at