Recruitment Working Group

Have you wondered how IAPS has been able to grow over the past thirty-plus years from a small group of students to a wide international network of tens of thousands of Physics students across 4 continents?

For an organisation like IAPS that aspires to become a global community involving Physics students from all countries, it is of utmost importance to have a solid, dedicated and motivated team handling the efforts to reach out to student groups with which IAPS has not yet had contact and gain members where IAPS is yet to exist.

Every year, new students become members of IAPS and there is no better way to become a part of this worldwide community than to be welcomed by fellow students who can share how much IAPS can do for the brave souls who study Physics!

If you want to participate in this team, send an email to the Recruitment Manager Gabriel Maynard through expressing your interest and how you think you can contribute to the Recruitment Working Group!

Let us help bring more fellow students around the world to IAPS!