Members Subcommittee


Increasing the amount of physics students IAPS reaches and finally, truly, globally representing physics students has been one of the main goals of the International Association of Physics Students ever since its foundation; quite precisely 30 years ago. Lately, we made noteworthy progress by creating new LCs in Asia and gaining  several African students at the International Conference of Physics Students 2017 in Turin. This is definitely the way we as IAPS and the Members Committee in particular want to go.

Last year we joined forces with the IT committee to improve the offer we can make to students even though they are not able to attend our events. This resulted in an IAPS wiki and an upcoming IAPS network, which still need to be fostered and where volunteers are more than welcome, as well.

This year we will focus more on actively motivating students all around the globe to form physics student organisations and to join IAPS. For this reason, we introduced this year not only a kick-off fund but also lowered the memberships fees in the first couple years. Regarding the Members Committee, we will divide and partially already have done so the world map in different areas for which one Committee member respectively will be responsible. Mostly your task will be to choose your area, get to know potentially interested students and get in touch with them. There will be a model procedure on how to achieve this, so don’t worry haven’t done anything comparable, yet. Needless to say, I as Officer for Members and Alumni will certainly support and advice you for the first couple of times, as well.  Moreover, own ideas and concepts related with IAPS member support and acquisition are of course always warmly welcomed.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me via