PR Subcommittee/jIAPS

An organisation such as IAPS which is spread out over 40 countries with potentially millions of members would be lost without a dedicated team of people to keep them in the loop!

The PR subbie will be responsible for generating content for the monthly newsletter, flyers, videos, Facebook posts etc.…
If you like writing science related articles/news or have an artistic bone then is part is for you!

The second part of the subcommittee is making sure that such information will reach said members. This distribution part is an important side of the subbie as while IAPS is a vibrant organisation of physics students, we are only reaching a small fraction of our member base.
This will also involve working with our large Student Ambassador Program. If you have a large network or would like to create more contacts, this part of the job for you.

The final part of the subbie responsibilities will be work related to jIAPS, the annual journal of IAPS. This will be along the lines of encouraging people to apply for the article competition and helping the jIAPS Editor (who will be part of this subcommittee and will be decided in the next couple months.)


If this feels like it could be interest to you then contact:

Let me know which parts you fancy the most and as a committee we can divide up what needs to be done!