PLANCKS 2019 in Odense

PLANCKS 2019 will be hosted by University of Southern Denmark in Odense, Denmark from Friday the 17th to Monday the 20th of May.

The competition will be a three day event with social and cultural activities, scientific lectures by leading physicists and of course the competition itself. Around 30-50 teams of 3-4 bachelor and master students will do 10 hard problems in theoretical physics.

If you are considering organizing a preliminary (a national competition for selecting teams) please be stay tuned. Information regarding collaboration between countries will come soon. For now follow our Facebook page for updates. For more information visit our homepage. If you have further questions or want to suggest a speaker please write to us (

Following on from last year’s success, we also plan to have observers attend the event. These won’t be partaking in the competition, instead be focused more on learning how to organise a preliminary or even a PLANCKS final itself if you are interested in bidding. This makes it perfect way to attend if you have/are interested in organising a preliminary in your country, or just want to come along and support your teams!

We are exited to see you in Odense in 2019!