Charter Committee

The Charter Committee has been initiated after the AGM 2017 to revise and update the administrative rules of IAPS. Most importantly, this is the charter, but also our regulations, code of conduct as well as terms and conditions.

Its members are:

Irene Haasnoot

IAPS Charter Committee Chair
NC the Netherlands

Bence Ferdinandy

IAPS Executive Committee 2010 – 2013
NC Hungary

Matthias Zimmermann

IAPS Executive Committee 2012 – 2015
NC Germany

Francesco Sciortino

IAPS Executive Committee 2014 – 2015
NC Italy

Ana Milinović

IAPS Executive Committee 2013 – 2017
NC Croatia

Timo Eckstein

IAPS Executive Committee 2016 –
NC Germany

The email addresses of the Charter Committee members are of the form firstname.lastname(at)

Please do not hesitate to contact the charter committee via in order to suggest changes yourself or to join one of their meetings on the topic you are interested in. The proposed changes can be found here.