The 2007 version of the Charter, ratified in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in London during ICPS 2007, is being replaced by a new version, approved on August 13th, in the last AGM, held during ICPS in Cologne. The French law for associations can be found in the Local Civil Code for Alsace-Moselle (en français), France where IAPS is registered.

The ending version of the Regulations, which had been amended at the AGM on 14th August 2016 in Luqa, Malta, is also giving way to an updated form, approved in the 2019 AGM like the new Charter.

The Code of Conduct was updated by AGM 2018 in Helsinki, Finland.

IAPS reimbursement guide was updated at the AGM 2016 in Luqa, Malta.

IAPS Terms and conditions, last updated by AGM 2017 in Turin, Italy, a useful document for event planners and participants.

All members may access documents related to a General Assembly of IAPS. The document are located here (most likely you want to “Log in with Google” and use your IAPS account). If you do not have a login, ask your IAPS Delegate or the IAPS EC at ec(at)iaps(dot)info.

For all of you preparing some official IAPS documents, please take a look at our Guidelines for Promotion.

If you have some old documents or photos of previous events that might be of interest to other IAPS members, also going back more than five years, please don’t hesitate and send an email to archive(at)iaps(dot)info.

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